The Most Productive Procrastination

Procrastination is a vice for many people, myself included. My personal favorite procrastination style is mindlessly gazing at Pinterest. Upon recent reflection, I have come to realize that this never helps me recharge. When I eventually stop Pinterest-procrastinating and get back to work, I loose energy faster, and at the end of the day, I am disappointed with the progress I have made. From my research on procrastination (which was a form of procrastination itself), I found out that the key to procrastination is to incorporate it to fulfill your needs outside of writing, school, and work. I want to share with my fellow writers some tips for useful procrastination.

Let Social Media become a motivator, and a source of knowledge:

  • On Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., start following writers and newspapers. While you browse, you may come across an informative article that expands your knowledge which can help you in the long run! Or you may see a writer’s quote that inspires you to get back to work. Learning…  CHECK!

Wake up, work as long as you can, then run errands:

  • You won’t be fretting about the paper you are writing at the grocery store if you have already been productive that morning (or afternoon — when you wake up is your business). Think what else you can do during those errands that will make them more fun, and you’ll be recharged during your time away from writing. Listen to that new album you have been meaning to get to, or read a magazine or article while taking the CTA to your destinations. Happy fridge, happy ears … CHECK!

Go OUTSIDE for some exercise:

  • Change of atmosphere is crucial for recharging. Don’t go to a fluorescent lit, stuffy gym. Go outside to get inspired by nature! If you have allergies or it’s winter, choosing the gym is totally understandable, but being outside and getting some sunlight and fresh air, even for a few minutes, can be a really helpful boost in mood and productivity. Health … CHECK!

Make a healthy meal:

  • Not only will you feel great after eating it, it can be fun to get into the kitchen and get messy. Schedule friends to come over and help you cook. Food and social interaction needs… CHECK!

What I don’t recommend: Designating one full day to one task

  •  Planning this only encourages the “I can do it later” mantra to kick in. All of sudden, you’ll find that it is 6 PM and you have only written two pages of your five page paper due the next day.
  • How to remedy this? We all have odd hours, and therefore odd time gaps in between our busy schedules. Starting about four or five days before the paper is due, pull out your laptop, or notepad and write during those time gaps. The minutes will add up quickly, and so will the pages you have written for your paper. Reduced Stress… CHECK!

I encourage you to take these suggestions for a week long trial run. If you find your old methods of procrastination more helpful in terms of recharging, leave a comment as to why you like your old methods. Or leave a comments about your experience! I hope that this information was new and insightful. Good luck with recharging!