The Oscars and Film (Scrawl S14 E04)

By February 15, 2016Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we delved into the world of film.

This week Robert and Kate welcomed Jake Dinneen, member of the Writing Center’s Films team, to discuss the rise of #Oscarssowhite, the expansion of the Academy Award’s voting block to more minority members, and some of his favorites movies of 2015.

During the second half the show, Jake discussed his role on the films team, such as creating the episodes for the Breakroom (a web series by the DePaul Writing Center depicting issues that arise while tutoring, and ways to remedy these episodes). Additionally, Jake, Robert, and Kate made their Oscar predictions.

Robert and Kate discussed the Rhetoric of Pop: a moment during the show where a top hit on the Billboard Hot 100 is analyzed. This week we have an Oscar twist by featuring The Weekend’s “Earned It,” which is nominated for Best Original Song.

This week’s episode will be streamable through iTunes by searching and following DePaul UCWbL. You can listen to Scrawl radio every Friday from 11am-noon on the Radio DePaul and through the Radio DePaul app.

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