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On this week’s episode of the splendid Scrawl Radio show, we will be discussing the usage of rhetoric within award shows, since DePaul’s very own University Center for Writing-based Learning will having their own award show, The Pennys, on May 30th. This blog post will discuss why the UCWbL has its own awards show and how it fulfills the UCWbL’s mission!

Every year the UCWbL hosts The Pennys awards show as recognition to UCWbLers  for their hard work and dedication, and for writing excellence within their work. An UCWbLer nominates a coworker whom they view as a winning candidate within a designated award group. The person with the largest amount of nominations within each award wins the award accordingly, just as in every other award show. For example, the Rookie of the Year is an award presented to a new employee who got acclimated quickly and got to know everyone at the Writing Center. Overall, The Pennys is an event to express and give special recognition to exemplary employees for all the hard work they have put in this year.

Likewise, by having The Pennys, the UCWbL is fulfilling its mission that celebrates writing and language overall, particularly that of the power of writing. By having The Pennys, like other award shows, the UCWbL emphasizes how writing can be used anywhere, even in entertainment! This makes writing useful in every subject, from pop culture to mathematics, thus making anyone a writer, one of the UCWbL’s key component within their mission statement. Likewise, The Pennys is a fun, enjoyable exit for the ending of an academic school year for all the UCWbLers, along with anyone else that wishes to take part, who worked all year making the Writing Center as wonderful as it is!

So, with all that said, make sure to tune in to this week’s show to find out more interesting facts about rhetoric within award shows like the Grammys and Oscars, as well as more information on the Writing Center’s very own awards show, The Pennys! Likewise, remember that the University Center for Writing-based Learning is able to all DePaul students and faculty to use, so go on and look on DePaul’s Writing Center website or, even better yet, go on in to the UCWbL located in Lincoln Park Writing Center, SAC Room 212 or in the Loop Writing Center at 25 E. Jackson Lewis Center 1600 for more info!