Warm Conversation during a Polar Vortex

Although our Winter Quarter started with a polar vortex, CMWR team members and participants were not scared to venture out in the cold to meet for Conversation and Culture. We all know that the UCWbL is a safe and warm place, and the CMWR’s Conversation and Culture is no exception. For many international students, Conversation and Culture is both a shelter and a forum.  It’s a safe space where we can ask questions about culture, language, etc.  It’s a space where we all can freely share our thoughts about our home cultures, backgrounds, and experiences because we are all here to learn.

photo for 1.31.14 postConversation and Culture meetings are a blend of American and international students sitting together and discussing topics of interest, providing an arena for cross-cultural communication.  Last week we turned to pop culture – music, movies, books, television, and even food – and its role in bringing people together. Among a group that’s members spanned ten countries, we talked about Shakira, The Hobbit, How I Met Your Mother, McDonald’s, among many other things.

When brainstorming ways to interact with Americans and make friends, we discussed volunteering, joining one of the many DePaul student organizations, and attending events of interest across the city (such as music concerts, arts festivals, and places of worship).

Galina shared her personal experiences as a newcomer to Chicago. She had no idea that there are so many opportunities to make friends in Chicagoland, and to meet new friends among DePaul students, in particular. Galina came to the U.S. when winter was approaching, and the Chicago suburbs seemed almost uninhabited. Only when she joined CMWR did she find out that there are so many ways to make friends with Americans and people from other cultures, the DePaul students, like you and me.

Conversation and Culture meets every Friday at 1:00 in Lewis 1600.  For more information or to reserve your space, email us at cmwr@depaul.edu.

By: Galina and Amy