Welcome Back (Scrawl S13 E01)

By October 2, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation! This week’s episode brings the return of Scrawl radio! Mariah Woelfel returns as host with new co-host, Ryan McQueeny. This week’s show also marks the introduction of the new Scrawl Graduate Assistant, Robert Daniels. Joining us to welcome back listeners and visitors to the UCWbL (The University Center for Writing based Learning) is Lauri Dietz, head of the Writing Center, to discuss exciting new changes for new and returning UCWbLers and writers.  Also sharing in the festivities, is new writing tutor and returning writer, Vincent Bottom. Vincent spoke about his experience visiting the Writing Center as a writer and his thoughts toward his new role as a writing tutor.

Lastly, we marked the return of Rhetoric of Pop. A segment where Mariah, Ryan, and that week’s guest take one of the top pop songs of the week and perform a rhetorical analysis. This week’s subject is The Hill’s by the Weekend.

This week’s episode is streamable through the player at the bottom of this post. You can listen to Scrawl radio every Friday from 11am-noon on the Radio DePaul and through the Radio DePaul app.

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