When in Doubt, Draw it Out

Sometimes, it’s hard to get the words out. Even if you’re speaking to someone fluent in the language you’re trying to speak, it can be HARD.

That’s when we resort to drawing dragons.

Like in last week’s Game Club—a weekly event hosted by the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing & Research (CMWR) during which we all get-together and play hilarious games for an hour.

To inaugurate the 2016-2017 Game Club series, we played Pictionary. There were six of us—two CMWR staff members and four international students new to DePaul, to Chicago, to the country. Because people in the room were nervous about understanding the English words on the Pictionary cards, we adapted the rules a bit and allowed players to keep drawing a card until they found a word they somewhat understood.

The results were incredible—one international student drew a very detailed picture of a stomach that was recognized immediately, unlike my pitiful attempt at drawing a dragon. There was so much laughter and jumping around, and we learned so much as CMWR team members and as writing tutors.

You are always more capable than you think you are. The student who drew the stomach was the most nervous of the bunch, and she blew us all away.

Drawing is an excellent means of communication. When in doubt, draw.

Drawing (and playing Pictionary) is also an excellent way to learn a new language. By using tools you’re already familiar with (since many images attached to words are somewhat universal), you begin your journey equipped with tools you’ve had since you were a child.

You learn a lot when you’re having fun. And learning should be fun! Take a break from homework and rope your roommate into a game of Pictionary.

Game Club is open to all students every Wednesday at 12:30. Come join the fun!