Will Write for $

Look, the job market isn’t great right now. Luckily, you can hold yourself down with your writing skills – which I know you have, you. Here are some lesser-known jobs for those of us who have a way with words (or can spell, at least), and don’t plan on having a J.K. Rowling moment anytime soon.


Note that this has nothing to do with copyright, although many of the things that copywriters do are copyrighted. A copywriter works within advertising and marketing and is in charge of the verbage of ads that appear in print and online, TV and radio jingles, and anything and everything that involves words that sell. It’s one of the most lucrative careers that a writer can have. So tell that to your grandparents!

SEO content creation

You will be indubitably in-demand as a writer who is able to whip up search engine optimized web content for websites. SEO content is really another form of advertising – it’s a free way to get an organization’s website near the top of Google search results using a specific set of keywords. It takes a talented writer to come up with articles that have such specific requirements, so go on and get hired!


Come on ladies and gents, let’s get in translation. Seriously. If you are bilingual, you can make some big bucks using your multi-lingual skills to turn a decent profit. Many organizations need writers who can translate instructions, advertisements, flyers, etc., because – as anyone who took Español in high school would know – Google translate does not cut it.

Caption writing

An excellent freelance position for many writers is caption writing. You must have fast fingers and good listening ability. Assuming that you do, this is a unique job that basically allows you to get paid while watching TV.


I know, I know – this one gets a lot of flack, but hear me out. Many bloggers can make a very decent income with 1) ad revenue, and 2) sponsorships. Got a DIY blog? If you can attract enough visitors, you may just be able to get a sponsorship from, say, a craft company or home improvement store. They will literally pay you to use their products – or provide compensation in the form of free stuff.

Writers are often concerned about getting steady work after graduation. Their STEM-y counterparts seem to have more linear careers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Writing-related jobs are lurking everywhere, if you know where to find them. What many of the above-mentioned jobs have in common is a root in advertising. Advertising provides many lucrative opportunities for artistic folks, and employers are always on the lookout for talented and dedicated writers (like you!)