CMWR_workshop_WQ14Our city, Chicago, has so much to offer. There’s shopping and dining and entertainment, countless things to do.  But it’s not always clear how to navigate different situations, especially in a different culture. When do I tip? How do I hail a cab? Is it ok to ask for help in a store?

On Monday, February 24, twelve international students joined the CMWR for its quarterly workshop.  This quarter, we wanted to step away from the academic and language development focuses we’ve done in the past.  With Spring on its way, we thought why not focus on taking advantage of all Chicago has to offer. And thus, “Out and About: A Short Guide to City Living” was created!

Our goal was to give participants the tools and resources to be able to navigate the many different situations and aspects of city living. We focused on four aspects: transportation, shopping, dining out, and museums/galleries. The majority of our transportation section dealt with phone apps for both the CTA and cabs, explaining how they work.  Additionally, we talked about cab fare and gave some suggestions for successful cab rides.  Our shopping and dining sections focused more on etiquette–things to do and things not to do–but we also talked about how to ask for help and when you might ask for help.  And of course, in true CMWR style, we had several discussions and activities throughout.

For more information check out our handout or our presentation; both have lists of resources to help make going out and about easier.  If you want information on upcoming events or general information about the CMWR, email us at or Like us on Facebook.