Zine Scene (Scrawl S9 E3)

By February 6, 2014Scrawl Radio

From L to R: Scrawlers Rima and Brandon, our guest Anne Baldwin, and Scrawler Megan

Hello Scrawl Nation! For this week’s episode, Scrawl welcomed fellow UCWbLer Anne Baldwin, who recently started a new independent zine called The Truth of Bright Lights.

While we were in the studio, we talked to Anne about her experiences writing zines, which she started working on in high school. She decided to write zines in order to express her ideas and feelings with friends in a creative way. Furthermore, zines allow writers to keep a close connection with their audience.


Anne puts her zine together piece by piece then scans it to make copies.

Also, Scrawl co-host Megan Deppen recently researched the history of zines by going through the Zine Books Collection at the John T. Richardson Library’s Special Collections and Archives here at DePaul. Megan explained some of the history of zines, which actually started with science fiction fan-zines in the 1930s.


Anne kindly showed us some pieces from her first issue of The Truth of Bright Lights.

If you want to learn more about zine culture and independent writing, then you should check out this episode! You will be able to find the first issue of The Truth of Bright Lights very soon at Chicago Comics and Quimby’s Bookstore.

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Original Air Date: 1-24-14