Bringing Out the Bass in Writing (Scrawl S6 E7)

By March 4, 2013Scrawl Radio

Robert and Kevin interviewed a few professors who have worked with the UCWbL’s Faculty Development initiative.  We discuss the feedback that they offered and the ways in which they benefit from this service.

Later, our fellow UCWbLers Julia Harding and Matt Albert join us in the studio to talk about their work with Faculty Development. Julia explains how professors and students can benefit from in-class workshops on writing. Then by using sound bites from some classic video games (Legend of Zelda and Smash Bros.), Matt illustrates how students and professors can utilize Digication and ePortfolios to make their writing come to life.

We would like to thank the following professors, who gave us invaluable feedback on working with the UCWbL:

Naomi Steinberg, Ph.D. (Religious Studies Dept.)
Kelly Chu, Ph.D. (Communications Dept.)
Bob Rotenberg, Ph.D. (Anthropology Dept.)
Philip Stalley, Ph.D. (Political Science Dept.)
Amy Tyson, Ph.D. (History Dept.)

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Original Air Date: 03-01-2013