Mentor Mash (Scrawl S11 E06)

Hello Scrawl Nation! This week's episode on Scrawl was devoted to the Peer Tutor Mentor Summit, which is coming up next Friday! This week we were joined by the Outreach Graduate Assisstants, James Neisen and Carolyn Rudinsky.  After a quick reintroduction, since both of them have already joined us on Scrawl, we did our first section, word … Continue Reading ››

Research Round Up

In his article “Critiquing the Center: The Role of Tutor Evaluations in an Open Admissions Writing Center,” William Burns grapples with aligning the institutional goals of the writing center at Suffolk County Community College with writer expectations. From surveying writers who use the writing center, Burns finds that writers expect the writing center to act … Continue Reading ››
Scrawler Theresa Bailey, UCWbLer Hannah Lee, Scrawler Brandon Haskey, and UCWbLer Annie Baldwin

It’s Time for Rhyme (Scrawl S11 E05)

Hello dearest Scrawl Nation! This week, following last week's terrifying Horror writing episode, we decided to talk about a particular type of writing that is very popular among tutors at the Writing Center: spoken word poetry. Joining us on Scrawl this week were two current tutors at the writing center, Hannah Lee and Annie Baldwin. Both … Continue Reading ››

R is for Research

Knowledge is Meant to be Shared

Spend a week with the UCWbL's Research Team, and you might get a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data that the UCWbL collects. For everything that happens in the UCWbL, from appointments to promotional events to workshops, there is probably an accompanying spreadsheet filled with numbers and percentages. … Continue Reading ››
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UCWbL Workshops Update

The UCWbL Workshops Team is off to a busy start in the 2014 Autumn Quarter! We have already facilitated several in-class workshops on the topics of Digication, business emails, citing sources according to genre, and more. Thank you to the professors and students who have welcomed us into your classrooms! This past … Continue Reading ››

Cracking the Block: 8 Suggestions for Defeating Writer’s Block

We've all been there. You have a paper due (tomorrow!), and as you sit there staring at your computer screen, the words just will not come. How do you break that stasis? How do you, the frozen deer, grab those headlights with your tiny hooves, then turn them around and shine them right in that … Continue Reading ››

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