Scrawl radio guests Lara Karpenko and Steven Schauz, and Scrawlers Theresa Bailey and Brandon Haskey

The Academic Pot of Gold (Scrawl S11 E09)

Happy end of the quarter, Scrawl Nation! Our final episode this Autumn talked about how undergraduate students can pursue opportunities in academia. Our guests today were Doctor Lara Karpenko and Steven Schauz. Lara is a professor at Carroll University, where Steven is a Senior. After a brief introduction to our two guests, … Continue Reading ››

Best Non-School Resources for Writers

When you ask UCWbL tutors which writing resources they turn to most often, most of them will respond with sites like the Purdue Owl or Grammar Girl.  Both are excellent resources for grammar and citation rules, but sometimes sites like these don’t foster writing at its rawest purpose—a means of communicating ideas and expressing creativity.  … Continue Reading ››
Scrawlers Brandon Haskey and Theresa Bailey and Veteran Liason Mike Parker, from the Office of Veterans Affairs

We Care About Veterans’ Affairs (Scrawl S11 E08)

Hello Scrawl Nation! This week's episode  focused on Veteran's day, which is next Tuesday. Almost 500 veterans attend DePaul University, so we had Mike Parker from the Office of Veterans Affairs. After a brief introduction to Mike and his own military experience, we played our weekly round of Word of the Day. Mike also taught … Continue Reading ››

Refashioning Written Feedbacks

As peer writing tutors at the UCWbL, we  have to keep in mind all of our core practices and readings when collaboratively participating in our sessions with writers. When writing this post, I was reminded of a time, mine specifically, in which I encountered a transferable piece of advice that, despite my best attempts, has stuck. … Continue Reading ››

Hey! That’s Mine!

They say possession is nine-tenths of the law.  But nine-tenths of possession is culture. The ideas that surround and police concepts like “intellectual property” and “academic integrity” are products of the culture to which they belong.  When you grow up within a given culture, you absorb the assumptions underscoring these products,and you are exposed on a … Continue Reading ››

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