English Café

Birth of English Café

On a cold, Chicago winter afternoon, when the sun had already set far earlier than most Chicagoans would have preferred, some hardworking members of the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) sat around the Loop writing center drinking coffee and brainstorming. They were trying to think of new ways the CMWR could better serve … Continue Reading ››
(This is not an ideal workspace.)

Establishing Setting: How to Prepare a Productive Writing Workspace

Writers love to get into heated debates about the best environments for writing. Many insist that the only way to avoid distraction is to be locked up in a Cormac McCarthy-esque cabin in the wilderness, where the writer is distracted by nothing except his or her own thoughts. But even though a location like this … Continue Reading ››

Mentor Mash (Scrawl S11 E06)

Hello Scrawl Nation! This week's episode on Scrawl was devoted to the Peer Tutor Mentor Summit, which is coming up next Friday! This week we were joined by the Outreach Graduate Assisstants, James Neisen and Carolyn Rudinsky.  After a quick reintroduction, since both of them have already joined us on Scrawl, we did our first section, word … Continue Reading ››

Research Round Up

In his article “Critiquing the Center: The Role of Tutor Evaluations in an Open Admissions Writing Center,” William Burns grapples with aligning the institutional goals of the writing center at Suffolk County Community College with writer expectations. From surveying writers who use the writing center, Burns finds that writers expect the writing center to act … Continue Reading ››
Scrawler Theresa Bailey, UCWbLer Hannah Lee, Scrawler Brandon Haskey, and UCWbLer Annie Baldwin

It’s Time for Rhyme (Scrawl S11 E05)

Hello dearest Scrawl Nation! This week, following last week's terrifying Horror writing episode, we decided to talk about a particular type of writing that is very popular among tutors at the Writing Center: spoken word poetry. Joining us on Scrawl this week were two current tutors at the writing center, Hannah Lee and Annie Baldwin. Both … Continue Reading ››

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