SCRAWL S11E11 How to be an activist in 140 characters #slacktivism

Good morning Scrawl Nation! What's trending nowadays? #Facebookdown? #BellLetsTalk? #collegefession? Social media is a melting pot of the comical, the serious, and everything in between. Last Friday Scrawlers took a look at the hashtags of activism. When did hashtags go from a "tag for a trend" to a place for political discussion? Continue Reading ››

Writing Fellows: A New and Improved Program

The Writing Fellows Program is a cornerstone of DePaul's University Center for Writing-based Learning. It is comprised of peer-writing tutors who are matched with classes that they work with throughout the duration of the quarter. There are two, two-week sessions in which tutors first provide writers with written feedback and then meet with them face-to-face in … Continue Reading ››

Taking Down Those Writing Fears

“I’m a bad writer.” Don’t panic. I’m not revealing a deeply-imbedded internal struggle. However, I do hear variations of this statement on a regular basis. Writers often come in and lament the essay, project, or final paper they’re working on. They tell me how they have never been a “good” writer. They tell me how sitting down … Continue Reading ››

New Beginnings, the Blues, and Coffee: Surviving Winter Quarter

Winter Quarter at DePaul began with a record-shattering bitter cold, and heading to class after a cancellation on Monday, I felt as though I have faced the wrath of Chiberia, but I was about to tackle an even more monstrous beast: Winter Quarter, itself. As I’ve learned from talking with my friends and fellow students, Winter … Continue Reading ››

The CMWR Takes Apart the Atomic Bomb

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) enjoyed another great Autumn Quarter in our international Book Club reading Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb by Jonathan Feter-Vorm.  We snacked on cookies, read aloud together, and shared perspectives from around the world. The novel delves back into the 1940’s to examine both the … Continue Reading ››

Where in the world have you been?? ScrawlS11E10

"Good morning Scrawl Nation!" Ahh, the sweet, familiar sound of a good, mornin' Scrawl. DePaul's favorite rhetorical radio show  kicked off its winter quarter 2015 season by welcoming back our veteran Scrawlers from Abroad! But first Scrawl would like to thank UCWbLer Theresa B. for filling in fall quarter.  She took the place of not one --not even … Continue Reading ››

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