Why Don’t You Get A Job? (Scrawl S10 E1)

Hello Scrawl Nation! Season 10 of Scrawl Radio brings a new host into the fold! Mariah Woelfel will be joining Brandon, Rima, and Megan as Scrawl co-hosts, and we couldn't be more excited to have her on! This week we welcome UCWbL director Lauri Dietz into the studio to talk about the annual UCWbL hiring … Continue Reading ››

Politics in Paris: “La Bise” of Conversation

I’m the first to admit I’ve been on a temporary hiatus from the UCWbLog sphere. While everyone at DePaul was suffering from finals, I was scrambling to study for midterms after spending the weekend in Madrid, the European city that never sleeps (and drinks more Sangria than water). I dreaded my European politics midterm the most. … Continue Reading ››

Radio Ga Ga (Scrawl S9 E9)

Hello again, Scrawl Nation! For the final episode of winter quarter, we welcomed former UCWbLer and Scrawl Radio Host Tracey Hulstein into the studio! Tracey is currently a publishing intern and writer, which sounds inherently cool because it is. The show this week focused on Scrawl Radio itself as a genre, specifically looking at what makes a … Continue Reading ››

I’ve Got My Philosophy (Scrawl S9 E8)

Hello Scrawl Nation! Last month, DePaul professor of philosophy Frederic Seyler visited the studio. During this episode, we decided to explore writing in the philosophy genre, and  we specifically discussed how to write a philosophy exegesis! Our discussion of writing in philosophy brought up the similarities and differences between writing a philosophy exegesis and … Continue Reading ››

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