Digicational: Displaying Revision.

Looking ahead to finals week, this “Digicational” will discuss the many ways WRD103 and 104 students have displayed their revision process in their portfolio with digication. The WRD103 and 104 courses end the term with a final project that asks students to not only write about their revision process, but to also provide textual evidence from their drafts and papers that demonstrates the way their writing has developed.  Digication makes possible many ways for students to display their revisions.

The goals of the portfolio and the reflection paper are for writers to make clear the way their writing process has developed. Cody Connolly’s** digital portfolio is laid out according to her own writing process, immediately making it visually apparent how she operates as a writer. Her various sections include drafts with handwritten teacher and peer comments to illustrate her process towards the final product. Cody’s “Research Paper” page even includes a Brainstorming section that features an image of her hand written word cloud. Want to do the same but don’t have a scanner? Look for one of the scanners located in the library or use a handheld or computer camera to your advantage.

Similar to Cody, Stephanie Valerio** makes great use of the scanner to display her commented upon drafts, but also adds links to word documents where peers provided comments with Microsoft Words “Review” feature. Stephanie even labels and refers to which peer feedback she took into the greatest consideration in her revisions.

So if you’re feeling lost with your portfolio, remember that the digication platform offers a sleek alternative to paper portfolios in displaying the revision process!

Good luck with finals, folks! Happy revising and reflecting!


**Having trouble accessing the portfolios for viewing? Try logging into Digication and accessing the e-portfolios through a name search in the Digication search engine under “e-Portfolios.” Keep in mind that many of the portfolios showcased in this blog are only viewable to members of the DePaul community.
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