Heres to you, an UCWbLy DePaul Staff!

By February 22, 2017Outreach and Events

Last week, the UCWbL held a staff appreciation event, as well as a celebration of our ten-year anniversary as a writing center here at DePaul. The event was a great way to mingle with tutors, faculty, and students, complete with writing themed icebreakers created by the outreach team, and food/an open bar provided by the great people of Chartwells. The attending professors were greeted with cheers of UCWbLers reminding them that “we appreciate you (the faculty)!” Not only was it a great way for staff and students to interact, but it was also fun for UCWBLers and peer tutors to spend time together in a more casual environment.

As we reflect on the success of the UCWbL as an academic support group here at DePaul, there has to be a substantial amount of credit given to the amazing faculty at the university, who have put their trust in the UCWbL as a resource for their students and themselves. The UCWbL strives to help students with a wide variety of subject-based writing, and many students are sent to us through the recommendations of their professors who understand that each student has the potential to produce great work. Lauri Dietz, UCWbL director, commented, “Instructors are important mentors for students to develop as writers, researchers, and thinkers. By collaborating with faculty, we can reach more students in sustained and meaningful ways. Instructors are our biggest ally in sending the message that everyone who writes anything is a writer, and I am eternally appreciative!”.

So as you go about your days this week, remember to thank the hard-working faculty here at DePaul who have helped to create UCWbLy environments for all of us, encouraging us to work hard, ask questions, and reach our goals!