Improving Through Improv! (Scrawl S12 E07)

By May 28, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation!

On last week’s episode of Scrawl, our EDGE program internet (or EDGEtern as we lovingly call them) Will presented an episode he has spent weeks planning as his Spring Quarter Project! It was a labor of love, however, as the show focused on one of Will’s greatest loves: improv comedy!

L to R: Scrawl hosts Rima Mandwee, Mariah Woelfel, and Brandon Haskey, improvisational comedian George Elrod, and EDGEtern William Kennedy

Will invited on George Elrod, his friend and member of his improv team, to come in the studio and talk about improv comedy and how the skills of improv connect to the skills of tutoring.

Will started us out with a word of the day focused around the concept of improv, and then we dove into the approaches one can take in improvisational comedy and how both George and Will got their starts in improv. George has been an improv comedian since he was in the 7th grade!

We also discussed the commonalities between approaching improv and approaching tutoring. For instance, both Will and George emphasized the importance of a relationship and open collaboration both in the scene as well as between the actors performing. This forms a beautiful and clear parallel between the tutor and writer in a tutoring appointment as well! Be sure to listen in to hear many connections!

Finally, all five people played America’s Favorite Game: In My Purse. It’s a game that forces you to think on your feet with depth and, perhaps most importantly, there’s a song! You won’t want to miss this fun game for your next social gathering!

Be sure to tune into this week’s episode of Scrawl tomorrow May 29th as we bid a fond, tearful, laughfilled farewell to Scrawl co-host Rima Mandwee. You can listen on Radio DePaul or using the iHeartRadio app!

You can listen to the podcast today by clicking here or clicking the streaming player at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check the UCWbL out on FacebookTwitter, and Digication!

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