Leader of the Pack (Scrawl S12 E02)

By April 17, 2015Scrawl Radio

Hello Scrawl Nation!

On this beautiful Spring day in Chicago, your friendly Scrawl Radio team welcomed fellow UCWbLer Ryan McQueeney on the show to talk about his experiences with leadership and about the rhetoric of good leadership. How appropriate with all of these presidential campaigns ramping up?!


Last year, Ryan was an intern at DePaul’s Student Leadership Institute, and as a result he has excellent insight on what excellent readership looks like. We began the show with a rousing round of Word of the Day, which you can hear below:


After that, we interviewed Ryan about his perspective on leadership. Ryan specifically talked about socially responsible leadership, and made some especially compelling points about how leaders do not always have to be loud or charismatic. This was a particularly excellent segment! Check out his insightful point of view below!:



Then it was time for America’s Favorite Game! This week, the game was Leader-o Scenario! This is a game where Rima and Brandon came up with leadership scenarios for Ryan, and he talked about the best ways to address these potentially challenging situations:


Finally, we ended with a round of rhetoric! This time we listened to the campaign launch of Hillary Clinton. We focused on how she delivered the message and what words she chose to use:

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  • Ryan M says:

    So thankful to be a part of this episode. Way more fun than I could have ever imagined and I think we had a really productive conversation. I was impressed by Brandon and Rima’s ability to keep this discussion going while also having fun throughout. Hope I can get back on Scrawl asap

  • Elizabeth Coughlin says:

    Great episode — thanks, Ryan, and as always Brandon and Rima,

  • Meg says:

    geeeeeeeeeeee i love you guys! So fun to listen to. 🙂 I’m a little late catching up. So proud of you Rima for hosting the show. Can I also please use Scrawl transitions as a model for transitioning in every speech, presentation, and interview for the rest of my life? Great job guys. 🙂