Looking Back on IWCW: The UCWbL & Social Media

As many of you may know, last week was a very exciting week for writing centers around the world. It was International Writing Centers Week! Part of this week-long event (2/8-2/14) celebrating writing centers and writing tutoring was a social media challenge, wherein participants were encouraged to use their social media outlets, like Twitter and Facebook, to showcase their spaces, people, and the work they do in their centers.

Naturally, the UCWbL stepped up to the challenge and harnessed all of our social media might to demonstrate who we are and what we do. Here’s a recap of what happened on the UCWbL’s social media accounts during IWCW, in case you missed anything:

  • We published 26 tweets, earning 67 favorites and 36 retweets, with an impression reach of over 9.6 thousand people! Check out our feed for some awesome photos of our staff and spaces.
  • Our Outreach team collaborated to write a blog post answering Wednesday’s theme of “A day in the life of your center.” Thanks especially to Liz C. and James N. for making that happen!
  • Our Research team also collaborated on a blog post, responding to Thursday’s “Research and Publishing Spotlight” theme. Their post shares some of our current reflections on research and research practices. Thanks Bridget W. and Amanda G.!
  • We published over 20 posts on Facebook and earned 59 new likes in just one week, with a reach of more than 700 people! Thanks to everyone who contributed there.
  • Finally, we debuted the newest episode of our scripted webseries “The Breakroom,” titled “The Nervous Nellie,” which stars some of our awesome writing center tutors. It currently has 232 views and 5 thumbs up on YouTube. Awesome work, Films team!

That’s our social media week in review. We’re pretty excited aout it! What did you love most about IWCW? Tell us in the comments below!