Multilingual Mics Launches!

Multilingual MicsWe here at the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research are excited to publish the first ever episode of our new podcast, Multilingual Mics! We’ll be talking about language, culture, the awesome things that the CMWR does and the awesome people that we get to work with. Our upcoming episodes will include a recap of the CMWR’s “Lessons from Lady Gaga: Using Music as a Tool for Language Learning” workshop and interviews about creative writing in acquired languages.

For our first episode, “Are You Shocked? Traveling In Other Cultures,” Walker P., Faryal T., and Ray L. talk about their experiences with culture shock when traveling in Pakistan, France, and the U.S. Check it out below to hear how they coped with the differences in culture, language, the weather, and food (did you know there’s no cheese in China? Ray advises that Americans bring their own when visiting!).

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Multilingual Mics S1-01: Are You Shocked? Traveling in Other Cultures
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