Pinterest You Life: UCWbL Style! Part Four

Have you ever heard of the word “hack”? I’m not talking about computer hacking, but rather “hacks” as in innovative methods that aim to simplify your life (and potentially save money). Pinterest is a wealthy resource for “life hacks” that can shed light on ways to simplify your life that may have never occurred to you.

Whether your life is stressful, busy, cheap, or all three, this post will definitely help to lift a weight off your shoulders. Although I didn’t include this in my list, I had been using these hacks for the Mac that have made my life a whole lot easier and faster. Check it out! In this post for Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style, I’ll explore college-style hacks on student life.

  • 27 College tips (By Thomas Frank on College Info Geek)
    • This article is chock full of REALLY helpful tips to help you through college. Some tips that I plan on utilizing is Rainy Mood, a website that plays white noise of rain (my favorite sound to work to) and studying somewhere other than your dorm, like a coffee shop. Lastly, this post sheds light on an app called Wunderlist that is an excellent task management app. Try utilizing it to help juggle your UCWbL work!


  • Low-tech hacks for high-tech gadgets (By Alanna Okun onBuzzfeed Life)
    • These low-tech solutions are definite money savers. And there are simple hacks for ear buds that are handy when you’re listening to music during written feedback at the UCWbL.


  • Cleaning hacks (By Alison Caporimo onBuzzfeed Life)
    • For those who hate to clean and suffer from extreme chronic laziness at the very thought of it, this post gives you easy cleaning hacks. We all have busy schedules, so these hacks will also save time (and money!). Having a clean space helps to relieve stress and will leave you more able to focus on your UCWbL appointments.


  • Study tips to ace those exams (By Nicole Nguyen onPopsugar)
    • We probably already know the basic study tips like “don’t cram last minute,” “take breaks,” etc. This post takes it a step further, like gummy bear food rewards and using the Pomodoro technique. Personally, I’m going to try sending myself threatening reminders to study and get my roommate to execute the threats. Having good study techniques means higher academic performance, which means a better image for the UCWbL!


In all honesty, this blog series has helped me to discover more about myself and all the potential ideas I could use. I’m learning just as much as you are! Unfortunately, this is the last installment of Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style. I hope that you have been enlightened with new ideas. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the ideas I have posted!