Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style! Part 2

The Pinterest junkie here again for the next installment of Pinterest Your Life: UCWbL Style. Have you ever wondered what Pinterest could possibly have besides DIY projects? Well, you can actually make playlists, build a fitness plan, find recipes, collect interesting articles, find books to read, get fashion advice, keep track of your favorite things, document trips, a SO much more.

I personally like using Pinterest to learn new ways to recycle old things like t-shirts, furniture, bottles, etc. One time, I used a tutorial to expand the waistline on an old pair of jeans so I could finally wear it again. What have YOU used Pinterest for? Tell me in the comments! For this week, I will give advice on staying focused that could change your life at the UCWbL (or wherever you tutor or need to focus):

  • The Self-Control App (Download it!)
    • I personally recommend this app for procrastinators. You enter in the sites you know will distract you from your work (like tumblr) and set the amount of time the app will block access to them. Now get working on those written feedbacks!


  • Consume Brain Food (By Diana on 1000 Steps)
    • Having a good diet is always important to staying alert and focused. However, with our busy schedules it can sometimes be difficult to eat healthy. Try packing a bunch of snacks in your backpack as food storage (non-perishable if you’re forgetful) like a hamster would. This way, you have great and easy snacks on the go and you can survive those 4+ hour shifts.


  • Stay productive with a worksheet (By Mariah Danielsen on Ciera Design)
    • This blog post actually gives several helpful tips on how to stay on task along with a worksheet to help you out. Some tips include finding your ideal work time, list what you have accomplished, and how to make boring tasks more fun. When you’re finding yourself in a productive slump at the Writing Center, refer to these tips!


  • Focus and Writing and Work, oh my! (By Funders and Founders)
    • This chart is a wealthy resource of tips/advice on staying focused. I think the most interesting tips are to make yourself look busy so no one talks to you and you sit next to someone who is focused. Socializing is always important in the Writing Center, but if it prevents you from getting something done, then remove yourself. No hard feelings; we are all tutors.

How to be Focused

That’s all folks. Do you feel as focused as sunlight through a magnifying glass? Next week’s installment will be on motivation!