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By March 7, 2013Writing about Writing

Attention writers! You know that painstakingly complicated research project you’re working on? Or that long-forgotten report from your WRD class that’s gathering virtual dust in the depths of your hard drive? The Colorado State University Research Exchange Index wants it!

I was browsing the Writing Lab Newsletter blog when I came across this call for submissions. The REx is a comprehensive database of writing-related research both known and unknown, finished and ongoing, previously published and unpublished. It is a searchable body of projects that researchers can use to collect new data, identify trends, find supplemental studies for various topics, and connect with like-minded people for new endeavors.

“Many important, even exemplary projects go unpublished, especially projects conducted for local audiences by writing centers, writing programs, or workplace and community groups; these valuable projects can and should be “counted” and aggregated with other studies.”

If you’re interested in contributing to the REx, simply create an account here and fill out the brief info form to provide a bit of searchable context for your project. Submissions are being accepted through May 1st, so be sure to mark your calendars are start digging through those files of yore, any writing-related project from the past ten years. Accepted projects will be fact-checked and copy-edited so that researchers can search for them with key terms.

This is a great way to support writing-related studies that could also lead to fruitful partnerships with researchers outside Chicago.

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  • Lauri Dietz says:

    What a great find! There are many UCWbLers who have produced some impressive research. I’d love to see people add to this research exchange. Thanks for sharing, Richie!