By May 11, 2017Scrawl Radio

Welcome back Scrawl Nation! For this episode of Scrawl, we talked about fan fiction.

During the first segment, Brendan P. and Kate H. took a call from former Scrawl host Ryan M. who shared a Cinco De Mayo story. They spent time explaining the genre that is fan fiction, including its origins beginning with Star Trek, its characteristics and the mediums used to create it. Brendan and Kate also talked about how fan fiction invites anyone to be a writer through fans connecting with their favorite characters.

In the second segment, they discussed how Fan Fiction creates a community of writing, and Kate explained her own experience with this when she was creating her Jonas Brothers fan fiction. She also discussed how writing fiction led to collaboration with a long-distance writing partner. Lastly, they discussed the research conducted by Rebecca Black and her study called Online Fan Fiction: Global Identities and Imagination.

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