I am quite proud of the design of my room. It reflects some of my best qualities. When reading this, you might be thinking, “Man oh man! Two sentences in and all she has done is brag about herself. She must be really conceited!” Hear me out though! I hope this judgment changes. When I describe what my room looks like, you might get a different picture of my character.


My Room

My comforter is decorated with delicate, romantic flowers. Above my bed, there is a poster with a bike on it and the words “Good Vibes are Coming Very Soon.” On my windowsill, I have various candles, incense burners, and my own paintings of nature. I have an open, wooden closet that I built with my dad which features a built-in bookcase filled with my favorite novels. These are the novels that have developed my philosophies on life, love, and friendship. The posters on my wall are often inspired by these books. My favorite spot in my room is the pendulum chair in the corner, where I can see all these decorations, where I am writing now.

When I made the decision to invest time in decorating my room, it wasn’t out of boredom or a desire to fill my room with possessions to revere. It was done with my emotional well-being in mind.


Aesthetic, Confidence, and Self-love

Aesthetic is not materialistic if it impacts confidence. Aesthetic can be a form of self-love. The style you choose to emulate can reflect what you value and encourage you to promote those values. It was Maya Angelou who wrote, “My mission in life is not only to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” The aesthetic of space has the potential to impact the motivation and confidence of the people growing in that space. This is why I value the aesthetic of my space. When I tutor, I want the writer to show their own style, not so their writing survives the grading process, but so their writing thrives.

A big factor of my writing process is the space in which I write. If I want to write authentically, the style of the space should reflect my best qualities and give me the confidence to promote those qualities. I encourage writers to reflect on where they write. If you have the luxury, choose a space that reflects your best qualities. I think some of your best writing will be produced in those spaces.

Where do you write?