Sit down to a Standing Appointment!

By January 12, 2011Writing about Writing

The Writing Center is now open for business and what better way to start off your Winter Quarter than stopping by for a weekly appointment? The other day, my roommate and I were discussing all of the extensive projects we have coming up this quarter- research papers, weekly responses, screenplays-  when Deanna mentioned a solution to our anxieties: standing appointments.  Standing appointments at the Writing Center can truly fight the procrastination bug and encourage ongoing development as a writer.  These appointments, which can be set up through WConline,  schedule writers for a recurring session (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) with the same tutor.  As my roomie  pointed out, standing appointments allow tutors to become familiar with a writer and their style, their coursework and assignments, and their progress through certain papers. This is not to say that the other services offered at the Writing Center do not offer these benefits, but Standing Appointments definitely do carry the edge of consistency and familiarity.

So, maybe you had a tutor you really enjoyed working with in the past? Or maybe you crave some extra incentive to  get those weekly responses done? Whatever your reasons, a standing appointment with the Writing Center might be one of the highlights of your Winter Quarter.

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  • joeo235 says:

    I agree, Mia, the standing appointment option is a great resource for writers and is probably under-utilized. Thanks for the helpful reminder!