The Academic Pot of Gold (Scrawl S11 E09)

By November 14, 2014Scrawl Radio

Happy end of the quarter, Scrawl Nation! Our final episode this Autumn talked about how undergraduate students can pursue opportunities in academia.

Our guests today were Doctor Lara Karpenko and Steven Schauz. Lara is a professor at Carroll University, where Steven is a Senior. After a brief introduction to our two guests, we played word of the day. Today’s guesses focused on pancakes and pandas, so make sure to listen to this segment! Before our first song, “We’ve Only Just Begun”,  by The Carpenters, we briefly discussed one of the topics of this show: Steven’s research through the Carroll University Pioneer Scholar’s grant.

After the first song, we really delved into Steven’s research, some of his findings, and how he applied for and received this grant award. Steven is focusing on Irish Literature, especially how fallen women are represented in text from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of his research also focus on Magdalene asylums and their place in colonialism and post-colonialism. We also talked about Steven’s experience as Lara’s teaching assistant this quarter, and how that position supplemented what he had learned doing his research this past summer. We finished up this episode by rhetorically analyzing our second song, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.

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