Hear UCWbLers speak English

By April 26, 2013Outreach and Events

At this year’s Spring Conference presented by the Department of English, there are no less than nine UCWbL tutors scheduled to present both creative and scholarly works from DePaul’s English programs.

You’ve read their writing here on UCWbLing; you’ve heard them on the air over at Scrawl Radio; now’s your chance to see our very own writing tutors presenting their work live and in person.  This is a conference not to be missed.

Quintin Collins will read a selection of poems including “When My First Kiss Is with That Girl That I Like.”

Maria Genovese will read hybrid short shorts including “My Malawi: A Creative Triptych.”

Maria Hlohowskyj will read her nonfiction titled “Knit Your Own Home.”

Tracey Hulstein will read her nonfiction titled “In My Life.”

Elizabeth Kerper will present research titled “Representations of Death” AND read poems including “Catcher.”

Jillian Merrifield will read a short story titled “Angler Fish.”

Richie Rodriguez will read poems including “Wayne A. Ford’s Trousers” as well as research on “The Homicidal Confederate and His Ghostly Family in Saunders’ CivilWarLand in Bad Decline.”

Emily Todd will present research titled “A Psychoanalytical Character Study of Irene Redfield.”

Finally, Danielle Wordelman will read her research titled “Divine Metal: Swords in Early English Literature.”