The UCWbL Workshops Team is off to a busy start in the 2014 Autumn Quarter! We have already facilitated several in-class workshops on the topics of Digication, business emails, citing sources according to genre, and more. Thank you to the professors and students who have welcomed us into your classrooms!

This past week, we visited a class in the HLTH program to talk about working and writing collaboratively. Much of the assignments for this class will be group-oriented, so one of our goals was to help the teams get to know one another’s strengths and weaknesses. One of our main activities in order to achieve this goal was called Illustrating the Point. This activity helped students get a grasp of their ability to give or interpret directions, depending on their role in the activity.

First, students were divided into pairs and each pair chose one person to be the Director and the other to be the Illustrator. The Director then received a picture of a panda and had to instruct their partner on how to draw it without directly saying what the object was. Many students dread doing collaborative work in class, but proper team building and more thorough knowledge of one other’s strengths through fun and interactive activities like Illustrating the Point can lead to more effective collaboration!

Our workshop schedule for the quarter is filling up quickly, and we look forward to seeing many more of you soon during the busy Autumn Quarter. To schedule an interactive, customized in-class workshop or for more information on what the UCWbL’s Workshops Team can offer you, just fill out our request form.