• Share: what blogs do you read?
  • Discussion: why does the UCWbL have a blog?
  • Read: “How to Write an Effective Blog Post”
  • Brainstorm blog topics
  • Blog

What blogs do you read?

I like Moneybox on Slate & Wonkblog on Washington Post

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I’ll tell you why with my voice.

Why a blog?

Reflections on About UCWbLing.

How to blog

Read Anthony Rotolo’s “How to Write an Effective Blog Post

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Activity: In groups, using Rotolo’s “Types of Blog Posts” and the About UCWbLing page, brainstorm 15-20 ideas for blog post topics.


Chose one of the topics your group brainstormed and write a blog post about it. Use ALL parts of a blog post that Rotolo defines.